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3 Signs of confident people and 3 Signs of insecure people


3 Signs of confident people

  1. They build others up

Confident people don’t put others down, they build others up. They see faith and hope not only in themselves, but others too.

Building people up is about encouraging them. Bringing out the best in them. And, helping them achieve their goals.

Confident people don’t bring others down. Undermine them. Or belittle them.

2. They know their worth

Knowing your worth isn’t about thinking you are better than others. It is about knowing that you matter just as much as anyone else. And deserve to be treated with love, kindness and respect.

3. They think positive thoughts

Your mind is like a garden. And what you plant, you grow. So, growing positive seeds, will reap positive rewards.

We all think negative thoughts. But, confident people think positive thoughts. And, they are optimistic about life.


3 Signs of insecure people

  1. They put others down. Insecure people put others down to gain attention or look better.

However, they just make themselves look bad. And, hurt someone in the process.

Putting other people down not just shows a person is insecure. It also shows that they are jealous. And, have no self-worth.

How people treat others is always a direct reflection of how they see themselves.

2. Wanting everyone to like them or doing their best to act cool, also shows insecurity.

Secure and confident people know that not everyone will like them, and that’s ok. No matter how much you try to make people like you, there will always be people who don’t like you.

Just be you. And the right people will like you for you.

3. Insecure people brag and try to out do others. The person who has the perfect car, and has to let everyone know about it. Or, the person who does things, just so their life looks impressive. And/or lives for other people. That’s insecurity.

Confident people don’t have to brag about what they have. They don’t try and live to impress others.

Those are just some thing which show that a person is confident or insecure.

The great thing about life is, that we can do well and want others to do well with us. We don’t have to try and outdo them. Or think that our possessions are better than the things that really matter, like family, friends, animals, and living on this beautiful earth. 🙂





Celebrities and the EU refurendum

Referendums tend to draw celebrities out of the wood work. Just look at Scotland where every celebrity had an opinion.  Which is fine, everyone deserves their voice to be heard. Every voice matters. But, the voices of celebrities are no more important of you, mine or anyone else’s. Yet. We seem to entertain their thoughts and opinions on referenda as somehow more important than the ordinary people’s opinions.

Many of these celebrities see their homeland as so important that they turn their back on it. Choosing to live and work abroad. The celebrities who choose to live and work abroad (I’m specifically looking at you Keira Knightly today), have a bit of a nerve lecturing the rest of us which way to vote, when they don’t even live here.

The legal system seems to agree, banning expats from voting in the EU referendum next week. As it should be.  If you choose to immigrate, you shouldn’t get a vote.

If celebrities want to lecture us normal people which way to vote on the 23rd of June in the referendum, then, at least live here. But, that is not the only issue with celebrity involvement in this referendum. There are a few more. Firstly, that celebrities live in fanciful worlds, where most people couldn’t even relate to. They don’t understand what it’s like to live in the real world (patronizing, yes, but so are celebrity lectures on this issue). Secondly, where have these celebrities been (who back remain) been when we’ve had years of austerity, cuts and an increase in poverty? Maybe I am wrong, but I don’t remember these celebrities speaking out and condoning austerity and governmental cuts.

This should be an indication that celebrities who back remain are not speaking out because they are so worried for the country, or the everyday joe. But, that their motivation is pure and simply selfish greed. Advocating remain to protect their own wealth and grants from art funding from the EU.

These celebrities are not concerned with the country, but their own wealth and privilege. If these celebs want to give up their wealth and live like the rest of us, great. Then tell the rest of us what to do. But, that is not going to happen. Therefore, you have a situation where millionaire celebs are telling the rest of us how to vote. A thing which alienates people from your argument.

Another thing which alienates people from your argument is telling the other side that their intention is to ‘fuck up your future’. Yes Knightly, I’m looking at you again. If you really think leave voters are going to be won over by having an attitude like that, then you are arrogant, patronizing and insulting. Not to mention, rude. People are allowed to have a difference of opinions within a democracy without hostile, passive aggressive insults. A democracy thrives where people can debate political issues like adults. Not like adolescent teenagers.

As someone who is mainly left-wing, I must admit, the left are the worst when it comes to accepting different opinions than their own. Seeking to insult or demonize anyone who dare have a difference of opinion. Working towards eradicating freedom of speech or freedom of thought. Or, even political correctness.

Whether you support leave or remain on the 23rd of June. Do it based on your conscience. Political arguments and persuasions. Politics. The economy. Anything which is sensible. But whatever you do, don’t base your vote on what celebrities tell you. Whatever side they are on.



30 things I’ve learned at 30


So, in exactly a months time I will be three decades on the planet. Or, in other words, turning thirty. And, the more you live, the more you learn. So, here are thirty things I have learned in my time on the planet.

1. Your family and friends are most important

There is nothing more important than the people in your life, your loved ones. Never take them for granted. Never sacrifice them for anything. Including; love, careers or even living away from them.

2. Animals matter too

Animals matter just as much as humans. They feel pleasure and pain. They feel all the emotions we do. They are consciously aware. And, are intelligent. Humans are not unique or special, all life is special.

3. Change is inevitable

If one thing is certain in life, it is change. Nothing lasts forever in life, whether good or bad. That’s why it is impossible to think of life in terms of absolutes.

4. Love is a choice

Love is not an accident. It is not a feeling. It is a choice. Real love isn’t about fuzzy feelings, it is about how you treat a person, it is about being there for someone, and it is about your actions.

5. Time is your most precious asset

You can waste many things in life, such as money, and get them back. In fact, if you lose any sort of material possession, you can get it back. But, if you wast your time, you will never get it back.

Your time is your most valuable asset. You can’t really waste time, but time can waste you.

6. Apologizing and saying sorry

Don’t be prideful, especially not when it comes to people in your life. If you are wrong, or should apologize, do it. Admit when you are wrong, and make up for it. Losing someone in your life because you can’t apologize or admit you are wrong, is a very heavy price to pay. And, a price which isn’t worth it.

7. Happiness comes from you

No matter what it is, relationships, big events, houses, money, or promotions, none of them will bring lasting happiness.

They will bring a short term boost in happiness. But, they won’t make you happy overall. Happiness is an inside job, it comes from you. If you rely on something else, or someone else, to make you happy, then you’ll always be looking for happiness.

8. No such thing as perfection

There is no such thing as perfection. There is no such thing as a perfect life. Everyone is lacking something in there life. Someone could appear to have everything, but they are not happy.

Chasing to have a perfect life will exhaust you, and prevent you from enjoying life.

9. Romantic love

Romantic love isn’t the only worthy love. Loving your family and friends is just as important.

10. Never sacrifice for love

Someone who truly loves you, will never ask you to sacrifice anything. That is not love, that is control and manipulation.

Just because you are in a relationship with someone, doesn’t mean they have a right to get away with anything and everything. There are lines you should never cross, and they are – giving up other people in your life, moving away from other people in your life that you love, ultimatums, where you go, your independence and your self-worth and self-esteem.

Losing yourself and other people and things in your life to love is the worst thing you could do.

11. Friends are more important than love

You will likely see most, if not all romantic loves come and go. Your friends will be there long after they are gone.

12. You will fail

You will fail in life. Guaranteed. Even the most successful people fail. What matters is choosing to learn from it. And, questioning if you really want it.

In fact, failing can tell us how much we want something. if we really want something, then we won’t give up on it. No matter how many barriers you face.

13. Success should be defined by you

Success should be defined by you, not by anyone else. It should be what you want, not what others want.

Do things because they sing from your heart. Don’t do things because your family, friends or society tell you to. Or expect it of you.

14. Others

Other people matter, but so do you. Never be with someone in a relationship for your friends and families benefit. Never choose a career based on what your friends and family want. Never make life choices based on peer pressure.

The right people in your life will respect you regardless, and the life you choose.

15. Be who you truly are

Many people try to be other people. Trying to pretend you are someone else is a waste of the person you truly are. And, you deny yourself, others, and the world your unique soul when you pretend to be someone else.

If you pretend to be someone that you are not, does it really matter how successful you appear? No, because it is all a lie. And, you will probably feel unhappy.

16. Heart and soul

Put your heart and soul into everyone and everything in your life. Be passionate about the people and things in your life. Love them. Treasure them. And make the most of them.

17. People will remember how you treated them

When we think of people in our life we remember how they made us feel. That is the thing that we remember most about them.

So, the way you treat people is how they will remember you. Good or bad.

18. Golden Rule

Treat others how you’d like to be treated. Treat them with kindness, respect, love and compassion. The way you treat others says a lot about you as a person.

The way you treat others is also a reflection about the way you treat yourself. And a reflection of how happy you are. Happy people, and confident people don’t be mean to people.

19. Honest and integrity

Have honesty and integrity with yourself and others. Both of these are valuable traits, and essential to being a good and decent person.

Be honest with yourself and others. You can’t have love or respect for someone if you are dishonest with someone. You neither can have integrity.

20. Don’t procrastinate

If you want to do something, then don’t say ‘I will/am going to be/in the future I will…” do it. Do it now. If you want to write a book, start it now. If you want to create a website, start it now. Whatever it is, begin it.

When you procrastinate all that happens is time passes, and you’ve still not done it. Time will pass no matter what. Time will never wait for you.

21. Help others

Don’t be one of those people that is focused on yourself only. Do something for others, animals or people.

Give something to charity. Donate your time to charity.

Making other peoples lives better, or animals lives better, is one of the greatest gifts that you can give in life. We are all like George Bailey, what we do has ripple effects far beyond us. And, that can be for the better or worse. We can affect people’s lives for the better or worse. And, it is our choice what we do.

22. Your life is a choice

Instead of blaming others for your life, or your actions, take some responsibility. We choose where to go in life. We choose how we treat people.

Design you life the way you want it to. Don’t let life just happen to you.

23. Never stop learning

You never stop learning in life. In fact, the more you live, the less you know. No one has all the answers in life.

Even the big answers. No one knows what life is all about. Or, whether there is really a purpose to life. Really, everyone is guessing. Atheists are as in the dark as theists.

24. This life matters

Too many people live life based on an afterlife. It’s an afterlife that might not even exist. What matters is the life that we have now. And putting or all into that.

25. Your actions

Your actions have consequences. Things that you do, or don’t do, come back on you eventually.
It might take years to come back on you. But everything comes back around eventually.

26. Worry, stress, being anxious is pointless

Focusing on these negative emotions is a waste of emotions. It doesn’t change anything, all it does is damage your health. If you are experiencing these emotions, put effort into changing the situation.

27. Social media is a waste of time

Using social media for businesses, websites or blogs can be effective, but using social media for personal use is a massive waste of time.

It wasn’t until earlier this year when I deleted all my social media accounts did I realize just how much time I had wasted on social media. I of course did have an idea that I was wasting too much time on it.

When you free up that time, you can put that time into better use!

28. Don’t be with anyone who asks about…

….how much money you have, what your job is, what material possessions you have.  This includes romantic relationships and friends.

These things shouldn’t come up until you have well established relationships. Even then, they should be fleeting conversations. People should be in your life because of who you are, not on what you have! If someone is in your life based on what you have, then run!

29. Never stop learning

Too many people stop learning when they leave formal education, but, you shouldn’t. Keep learning. Read. Watch documentaries. Take online courses, which are free!

There are many benefits to keep on learning. It makes us more knowledgeable. We learn more about the world. And it makes us more interesting.

30. Actions speak louder than words

Words will carry you so fa, but if your words don’t match your actions, then sooner or later people are just not going to trust you. If you promise something, keep the promise. If you say something, mean it.

Actions tell you more than words do. If someone doesn’t match their words with their actions, then you will begin to just not take what they say seriously. Plus, you become known as dishonest, and with a  lack of integrity.

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Rustic Inspiration

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So, last night I watched a documentary about people living wild in the UK. If you are in the UK you can catch it on Demand 5!

Anyway. This episode was about a woman named Emma. Who is pictured above, with the presenter Ben.

Emma is someone who lives a very rustic, basic, and as natural and down to earth as you could get. No electricity. No modern amenities like laptops, washing machines etc. Everything is done as if it would have been done before electricity was around.

Although Emma’s way of living is far to back to basics for me (and, I’m a back to basics kind of person), I can see the appeal of such a life. It is simple. There is no busyness. No hectic schedule. It’s a living truly in the moment kind of life.

For me the appeal of living in the country, and surrounded by nature is great. But, I must admit, things like electricity and modern gadgets are essential to me. So, would I live as back to basics as this, no. It’s far too back to basics for me.

However, perhaps escaping like this for a week, or a few days would be nice. Every now and then.

When I see someone like Emma, it makes me feel hippie light. Instead of being all round hippie lol.

But, people like Emma are inspiring. It is inspiring when people live a life that they want to live. And not a way that they are expected to live by society.We can all to an extent follow the status quo way of life a little bit too unthinkingly. People like Emma show us that there is a different way to live. One that isn’t about a nine-five job. Or chasing things such as a car, or mortgage.

Instead of those things freeing us, they often rap around us like chains. The truth of the matter is, is that we can carve our own path, and live our own life. It maybe unconventional. But, it is also freedom. We were born with one life. A life that shouldn’t be lived built on the expectations of others. The right people will still love you and like you regardless. Having one life is inspiration enough to live life on your own terms! 🙂



Real Time Titanic Tweeting!

If you love the history of the Titanic, like I do! Then you should follow me on my other blogs Twitter page tonight.

Since the 10th of April, when Titanic set sail on her Maiden Voyage, I have been doing live Tweeting of the event.

Tonight of course, is the big event, when she struck an iceberg. And, sank in the early hours of the next morning.

So, if you love Titanic, come follow my Twitter for some Real Time tweets of Titanic’s fatal Maiden Voyage.

My page is the Tweet below! #TitanicDay !


Two weeks since leaving social media

So, it’s two weeks today since I’ve left social media. And, so far, I’m very glad I have done it. Actually, I wish I had done it much much sooner!

The biggest change in myself, is in how much I notice that I feel much much better. I feel a lot happier and my mind feels clear. Which made me do some researching about happiness and social media.

I wasn’t surprised when I found that unhappiness and social media are correlated. If you do a quick Google search into ‘social media and happiness’ or ‘social media and unhappiness’, you find lots of studies showing that social media makes people unhappy.

This doesn’t surprise me. When we use social media, we tend to have this illusion that peoples lives are a lot better than they are. But, that’s because in many ways, social media is a lie. It is edited to make peoples lives look better than they are. We only see those best bits in peoples lives.

I think feeling much happier and better would be enough for me to never go back to using social media. However, there has been other beneficials. They are:

. I’ve spent more time with loved ones

. I’ve spent more time improving myself, rather than a status

. I’ve spent more time on my blogs. They are @action_earth and @TwosoulsJourney

. I’ve spent less time online

. The time I’ve spent online has been better. I’ve spent it on reading articles for self-improvement and articles and advice for my goals and life

. I can think clearly

. I’ve spent more time outside

. I feel less anxious and depressed

. Overall, I think it’s the best thing that I’ve done in a long while

Psychologists say that when you change one negative thing in your life, other things start to change to. And, I’ve found that to be the case.

I do admit that I do think from time to time ‘oh that would be a good status’ or ‘oh that would be a good picture’ to put online. But, in thinking about that now, I can’t even remember what that status or picture was.

In many ways, I know see how much social media has been a huge waste of my time. The thing with normal browsing is, eventually you get bored, and log off. Since social media is in real time, you say you will log in for a few minutes, but since it is constantly updating, it’s easy to keep checking back and forth.

Without social media, I find it hugely liberating. It is because I don’t feel the need to impress. I don’t feel like I’m competing with others. I feel much more clear headed. And a lot more happier.

Nurturing and looking after my everday life is much more important than nurturing and looking after my social media life. I see that now. And I am so happy I do! 🙂 Xxx

Reasons you should follow your dreams




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